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ARTtube X Lowlands 2018 about “HetMeeneemMuseum”

There ones was a boy. He was born in a city. He had a mother and a father. One year later his little brother was born. The four of them lived a happy 7 years, some morning he would wake up his mother teling her to sit stil because he was drawing her, then his little sister came. He loved and would for ever and ever love his mother, father, brother and sister very much.

The years went by, the people around him liked him but he could never find his place in the world. He was always the odd one out. And so he made this his personallity. This would in the future, although he will always like being the odd one out, eat at him.

He would never be able be able to sit still, this made school his living hell. So he would always think of new ways to look at how the school should be done. This did not make his perants and teacher happy. After a lot of years he finally finished highschool and could now freely persu what he knew he always wanted to do: the hopeless (and sometimes romantic) career of the arts.

Nowwa days he spends his time with making works and having a good-time (and sometimes a not so good-time) while doing it. 

I hope you like the work I make and if not you can complain by sending a email to: sjengkessels@gmail.com